Neuro3x: The Best Supplement for Razor Sharp Memory and Unwavering Mental Focus

If you take a look back in human history you will come across thousands of supposedly failsafe methods to boost brain power including memory and clarity of thought as well as cutting edge logic. Needless to say, the vast majority of these solutions are based on nothing more than superstitious speculation and cannot help you think more succinctly than the cereal dish you took this morning. As a matter of fact, these unverified concoctions may be detrimental to your health and brain functioning. Neuro3x Brain Booster supplement however is based on solid science on top of being formulated from purely natural ingredients. The brain boosting supplement therefore assures you of effective mental boost , enough to increase your focus and concentration by a factor of up to 200%.

As far as brain power boosting supplements go, it is in a class of its own. It is not just about its formulation but also the speed with which it works. As a matter of fact, the nootropic supplement has one of the best all round suitability in enhancing the brain’s core functions from attention to the working memory and long term memory as well as information processing.

The supplement belongs to a novel class of health supplements known as nootropics which are formulated to improve concentration as well as enhance memory capacity of the human brain. From scientific studies carried out to just how effective neuro 3x is comparatively with other competing products, it is easy to see why the supplement comes on top in review sites and consumer forums. The following is a running summary of the supplement’s performance profile.

* Increase your mental concentration by a factor of up to 200%

* Proven to boost a person’s IQ by as much as 77%

* Improves intellectual skills in a wide range of application areas and subjects

* Can boost performance in cognitive skills by 60% within minutes of ingesting the capsules

* Helps boost the brain’s capacity and precision in storing as well as retrieval of information in the long term memory

Looking at all the performance pointers of Neuro 3x, it is easy to see why it has shot up the best seller lists on websites dealing with brain supplements. In fact, it is not for nothing that it has been described as being as revolutionary to brain performance in the same breath as what Viagra did to sexual performance. From whatever angle you look at it, the supplement is a revolutionary supplement at a time when having a great mind is a valuable asset.

Ingredients and Formulation

It is really sad but also regrettably true that consumers of health supplements are often duped into buying the wrong products especially on the web. Why is it so easy to get side tracked? One of the most common ruses is to just list a series of ingredients as being part of the suspect supplement’s formulation and then sell the product to unsuspecting consumers. However, it is not enough that a particular supplement comes with just the right complement of effective ingredients. Even more crucial to this is that these ingredients are included in the right proportions and using the right formula of integrating them in the eventual product.

The Supplement which will be shipped to you not only comes with a set of well selected brain power boosting ingredients but you can rest assured they are all in the right proportions and optimized for quick absorption in the body. The following is a running summary of the brain supplement’s chief ingredients alongside details of how they are suited for boosting your mental acuity as well as long term memory.

The main ingredients used in the formulation of the Brain Booster are, in the order of their importance:

1. Phosphatidylcholine

If there ever was a competition to find a super drug for mental acuity and functioning of the memory, Phosphatidylcholine would win the contest hands down. It is little wonder then that it is the chief ingredient included in the formulation of the supplement. After some revolutionary research projects carried out by two Princeton University scientists: Elizabeth Gould and Charles Gross and then replicated in humans, Phosphatidylcholine was found to have significant benefits in repairing brain cells and neural junctions reeling under the effects of aging and dementia. The findings published by Gould and Gross lead to a major shakeup of how dementia is treated as up to that point it was thought that the devastating effect of dementia on brain cells and nerves was virtually irreversible.

2. Hypericum Perforatum

Known more commonly as St. John’s Wort, Hypericum Perforatum is a compound that has well documented properties in the treatment and management of depression. The feel-good effect of Hypericum Perforatum helps give Neuro3x’s users the capacity to focus on the task at hand, free from distraction and confident in their own ability.

3. DMAE Bitartrate

DMAE Bitartrate (often referred to simply as DMAE) is a natural memory and focus enhancing compound produced in the human brain. The compound is only produced in trace quantities in the brain but for all intents and purposes, this is all that is needed for average brain functioning. There is however more than enough anecdotal evidence that people who perform prodigious mental tasks usually produce significantly more DMAE in the brain. It has been formulated for each capsule to have 50 milligrams of DMAE Bitartrate, enough to give you the edge when it comes to incisive thinking and razor sharp memory.

4. Gingko Biloba

Though it sounds pretty exotic, Gingko Biloba is actually a pretty common ingredient in supplements. It is found in a host of medication drugs used to treat Alzheimer’s. To be honest, Gingko Biloba is a bit of a mystery as no one has managed to explain with any measure of precision how the compound helps with mental acuity. What is plain though is that even trace amounts of Gingko Biloba are enough to give your brain a spark to last you well through a day of intriguing challenges.

What Makes It so Special?

The nootropic supplement is capable of providing you with a welcome mental boost at the time you need to be at your best. It could be at a time when you are about to face a significant exam or a sporting contest. It not only helps with logic but also sharpens your memory. What goes into making this revolutionary nootropic supplement so unique?

1. All Natural Formulation:

The purely natural formulation of the nootropic serves to make it a leading contender for the best mental supplement of the year. It gives you assurance of peerless performance even in the most exacting mental challenges without a risk of negative side effects.

2. Research Driven Human Studies

In order to ensure the supplement is wholly effective, the supplement was taken through intensive research studies. The studies were all based on human subjects to ensure its safety. The end result is a supplement that has no equal in terms of safety and effectiveness.

3. Try It Today

Still not sure this brain booster is the best one for you? Would you like to replicate the numerous scientific tests used to test the effectiveness of the supplement but still not have to commit money first? Order your free trial offer bottle today and only pay after you are convinced the supplement actually works.

4. Manufactured in an FDA GMP Facility

The producers of the nootropic are committed to providing you with a supplement that is beyond all reproach. As you may already know, health supplements are not subject to approval by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). This applies to the supplement as well but to ensure compliance with the highest standards, the supplement is manufactured and packaged in facility which has been passed by the FDA and following the universal Good Manufacturing Principles (GMP) precepts.

Join the host of other users who have come to depend on the effectiveness of Neuro3x to stay ahead of the game whether at work or in school. Enjoy the supplement at a big, one time discount by ordering yours today.