Who wouldn’t want to be smarter, brighter and sharper? After all, it would make everyday life a whole lot easier! Is there any evidence that one can improve one’s intelligence? The answer is a definite ‘Yes’. Contrary to the common misconception, one doesn’t have to spend countless hours buried in books in order to boost one’s intelligence. All it takes is some effective and powerful mental exercises. There is a lot of scientific research confirming the fact that the human intelligence can be increased, which is why the belief that one’s IQ is incapable of changing is false.

human intelligence

So, the next time you ask yourself “Is it possible to get more intelligent ?” you should remind yourself that the answer is yes. While some people are born uber-intelligent, others may not be so blessed in that department, which is why it is important to note that intelligence is not a set thing! Human beings are born with a certain level of intelligence, which differs from one person to another, but this level is just the starting point. Regardless of one’s genetic make-up, it is possible to increase one’s IQ and get smarter. Thus, you can most certainly supercharge your mental powers and start achieving more than what you dream of!

‘If you don’t use it, you lose it’, this is applicable to the human body as well as the mind. Therefore it is wise to not let one’s mind remain ‘idle’ but rather exercise it on a regular basis. The human brain shares a lot of similarities with muscles, particularly the fact that it is highly trainable and can evolve with the help of the stimuli provided to it. Practice makes perfect, which is why one can become more intelligent by being consistent. Challenging your brain is a great way of making it sharper, therefore you can either dabble in mathematical problems or try learning a new skill in order to prevent your brain from ‘collecting dust’!

One of the effective ways of increasing one’s intelligence is meditation; exercises such as brisk jogging also help. While these concentration-23232aren’t the most powerful techniques but they can certainly help in keeping your mind calm, which in turn facilitates smooth absorption of knowledge! Also, you can try out techniques that help in improving concentration in order to boost your IQ by 5-15 points. Pseudo-Telekinesis is a good way of doing so. Before you practice brain exercises, keep in mind that you should not engage in these for more than an hour per day to avoid putting too much strain on your brain.

Who says that games are a waste of time and one cannot learn anything from them? Well, if you want to engage in ‘brain training’ but wish to be entertained and amused along the way then you can dabble in computer games designed to test the memory, concentration power, verbal reasoning and spatial awareness of the gamer. If you provide your brain with the right kind of challenges to help it grow and develop intellectually then it is most certainly going to respond in the affirmative!