You will be surprised to learn that there are actually a number of ways through which you can boost your IQ. IQ is the short form of Intelligence Quotient. By definition, IQ is the scientific assessment of intelligence where standardized tests are used gauge your problem solving capacity, memory, spatial imagery, general imagery among many other factors. There are limit to IQ which are guided by the native levels. However, various researchers have established that there are ways though which you can boost the IQ levels.

boost iq

Strengthening your brain power.

Always strive to strengthen your brain power. If you have become a scrabble master, go ahead to become a chess master. One thing you have to note is that once your brains learn a particular skill, your brains no longer works hard to do the same task. Keep finding newer and more challenging brain games. It would also be necessary to play video games. Video games are known to improve the efficiency of the brain activities.

Exercise the body and the brains

Researchers have established that keeping your minds and body fit will help boost your intelligence. We all know that staying on the seat for longer hours without any physical activity is not good for your health. The same is also true with the minds. Staying on the same mental state for a long time is not good for your brains. Always try new physical activities and learning new things. Just note that whenever you learn something new, your body will secret a neurotransmitter referred to as dopamine which will create a sense of pleasure. The more you learn new things, the more intelligent you will become.

It would also help if you train yourself new ways of doing the same old things. For instance if you have been driving to work every morning following the same route, why don’t you find another route of getting to work?

Enjoy culture and the society

Be active in the social media, your community and the world in general. The more you involve yourself with other people who have new ideas and new approaches to tackling different issues, the more you will learn new things and the more you will become intelligent.

Always be observant of what is happening around you. Try to understand whatever happens around you even those events that would appear random. Learn to question why things happen the way they do and this will greatly help you to learn more things.

Take your time to enjoy music especially classic music. By listening to classic music every day for at least 10 minutes, it could help in a great way to boost your IQ.

Develop the reading culture. The more you read, the more you will learn new things and the more you will become intelligent. Reading helps to nourish the brain and at the same time allowing you to think creatively.

Eat the right diet

Eat the right food to boost your intelligence. Herbs such as ginko biloba has been found to stimulate the flow of blood in the brains. They also help to improve concentration as well as memory. Also avoid foodstuffs that have high sugar content.