The more mentally focused we are, the more successful we become at whatever task we undertake. The ability to focus and concentrate on what you are doing and avoid all forms of distractions is of the most basic skills in a person’s mental toolbox. Mental focus is undoubtedly the most important ingredient to excellent; something that applies everywhere across the board: school, sports, career etc. unfortunately, most of us are unable to maintain a good mental focus, something that bars us from realizing our full potential in life.

Acquiring a good mental focus is like learning a foreign language; it requires a lot of practice and determination. However, your mind does not like discipline and will resist any effort to discipline it. You must therefore be very ready and determined to force it into focusing. This article discusses simple ways on how to improve your mental focus.



Are you putting off a project or another task you are supposed to be working on? Do you feel like you don’t want to concentrate? Those are a few examples of procrastinations. Next time you feel like postponing a task, remind yourself that it’s not going to go away, and delaying it will only make things worse as it will occupy your mind the whole day. Furthermore, postponing a hard task won’t make it any easier.


Engaging your brain in the same routine tasks daily may make it lose its focus, energy and sharpness. Changes in your routine, however small they may be, can trigger the cortex (the part of the brain responsible for focus and concentration) into fire and increase it activity. This will give your brain a natural energy boost that will enable you remain mentally focused all the times. Try taking a new route to work, a new meal among others.


You don’t need to be a super-workaholic for you to be more productive. Research has shown that those people who skip lunch and stay glued to their chairs all the time in the name of working get less work done than their relaxed counterparts. Taking a 10 minute walk away from work has been shown to keep you mentally focused for more than two hours.

Our bodies also need a recovery period. Most people are aware of the 24 hours sleeping cycle; many are unaware that our body and mind are programmed to need a recovery break after every two hours. Getting this break will boost your energy levels, mental focus and will increase your productivity.


Dehydration, however mild it may be, has been shown to significantly decrease our mental focus and concentration. Ensure you get plenty of fluids, preferably water, throughout the day. If you are a caffeine user, ensure you drink plenty of fluids to counteract its diuretic effects.

Maintaining a good mental focus sometimes proves a challenge to many people. This is very unfortunate as you can’t achieve anything in life if you are not fully mentally focused. Practicing on the above discussed steps on how to improve your mental focus will be a great step on your journey to success.

Check out this video on how to improve your mental focus!