Concentration, as defined by neuroscientists and psychologists is simply an endogenous attention or an executive function; controlled by the anterior cingulated cortex, which is found near the front part of the brain. In layman’s language, concentration is factually the ability to give 100% attention to whatever task you put your mind in to. Unfortunately, man’s brain/brain in general is rather occupied with a lot of stuff, which makes it seemingly difficult for one to fully concentrate without being distracted or losing focus at times.



Thanks to biotechnology, one can actually boost their level of concentration by simply taking pills/drugs officially/scientifically known as Nootropics. Nootropics have been around dating back to as early as 1960’s. Initially, they were positively meant to be used to boost memory storage and learning retention but after more researches, the studies have shown that these supplements also affect the front part of the brain, otherwise known as anterior cingulated cortex which is mainly involved with concentration. In this article, we will be discussing in details: 5 supplements that can be used to improve concentration, they include:

5. Piracetam

It will surprise you to know that Piracetam was actually the very first nootropic to be discovered and still remains to this day the most thoroughly researched and most widely used concentration booster. It’s in powder form and a better cognitive enhancer for that matter. Piracetam is profoundly helpful in terms of increasing not only the ability to focus and concentrate but also brain energy and overall mental clarity. This concentration booster works by modulating receptors in the brain charged with neurotransmission as well as increasing oxygen supply to the brain cells.

4. Oxiracetam

After Piracetam, came Oxiracetam. In fact, Oxiracetam is a derivative of Piracetam. Unlike Piracetam, Oxiracetam is somehow potent, about 5x stronger. In addition to boosting concentration, Oxiracetam also improves working memory. It’s favourite among students who are studying sciences, engineering, MBAs and other complex fields of research. In summary, Oxiracetam besides boosting your concentration level also increases the fluidity of your thoughts enabling your brain to tackle all mental tasks with less effort.

3. Phenypiracetam

Sometimes referred to as Phenotropil is the latest derivative of Piracetam. Its estimated to be 60x stronger than Piracetam and also leaves one with the effects similar to those of power stimulants. Phenypiracetam leads to improved focus, clearer thinking and heightened concentration. In addition, it’s also effective in boosting one’s moods to elevated levels. This concentration booster was actually laced with Phenyl ring which helps it move across the blood-brain barrier much more efficiently. This ideally makes the drug reach the central nervous system much quicker than the other two earlier discussed nootropics.

2. Noopept

Second more potent supplement to improve concentration on our list is Noopept. Basically, Noopept is an honorary memory of the renowned Racetam family of Nootropics. In theory, this concentration booster is said to be over 1000x stronger. It works by mainly manipulating the Glutametergic and Cholinergic systems of the brain; resulting in a remarkable increase in both concentration and learning abilities. In addition, it also stimulates the motivation control centre making it easier for one to ignore distractions and also overcome procrastination. Users on Noopept experience higher levels of fluid astuteness as well as increased attentiveness and generally faster speed of cognition.


Top on our list of supplements to improve concentration is none other than Adrafinil. Adrefinil is a pro-drug to Modafinil, the same drug used to treat conditions such as ADHD and ADD as well as other disorders attributed to causing mental performance and attentiveness impairment. Adrafinil unlike Modafinil which is sold as a prescription drug is available in America’s store as a supplement. It also triggers the effects experienced with the use of strong stimulants like motivation and general increased sense of worthiness. In addition, leaves one with a much clearer mind capable of concentrating to its full potential. Finally, it also boosts memory storage.