Brain Health – How To Improve Brain Functions

There is many different things that boost the function of the brain but there is also conflicting opinion on what works and not. healthy brainHaving a healthy brain is so important for both your mental and physical health. Although the brain is an unseen part of the body, no two brains are the same. We all have different personalities and that is because our brains all work slightly differently. Generally, those who have a healthier lifestyle have a healthier brain which benefits a whole number of things and can even help you live longer. It’s now time to take a closer look at how the human brain works and how you can improve the function of yours just by changing a few things in your life. If you are already quite a healthy person, there are always things that can be improved upon so do a little more research into everything brain related.

Exercise and The Brain

Exercise can do many positive things for the brain so if you are trying to improve the function of your brain, then you should consider stepping up your regime. Not only does regular exercise reduce your chances of getting neurodegenerative disease, it also cuts your chance of getting altzeimers. For an overall healthier brain and a better mood, walking/jogging regularly can make a huge difference because this kind of cardiovascular exercise releases feel good endorphins. Exercising in the morning is advised because this spikes brain activity and can mentally prepare you for the day ahead. The more exercise that you manage to get done the better, but every little counts. You do not need to completely change your life around to become more active, anyone can do it. Finding a type of exercise that you really love will make this more doable for you and you will see the benefits on the outside too before long. Slimmer thighs PLUS a healthier brain? Yes please!


How the food that you eat effects your brain

Getting as much of a balanced diet as possible and eliminating any foods that can be considered “junk”, is the best way to further images (1)better your brain. There are some foods in particular that studies have shown help the brain, whether that be the memory, focus or general health.

Omega 3 fatty acids – Foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids are perfect for keeping your brain in a good way. In addition to being great for the brain, omega 3 also contain lots of anti-inflammatory substances. Some foods that you can enjoy to ensure your body gets enough of this are oily fish (salmon in particular is highly recommended by professionals), nuts, squash, seeds and olive oil.

Fruit (especially blueberries and avocado) – Blueberries and avocado are said to be so good for the brain and by eating them regularly, you will be helping the important organ function as it should. A study has actually shown that blueberries help to reduce stress and also reduce the likelihood of people suffering the effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Blueberries also improve the mental capacity and memory, so they are definitely the food to snack on if you have a big exam coming up. Avocado promotes low blood pressure which can help the functionality of the brain.

Wholegrains – Every organ is the body is dependent on a good flow and this is something that wholegrain ensures occurs. Switching the pasta and bread you eat, from while to wholewheat can make such a difference.

Your body and brain needs a whole range of vitamins and minerals to perform at it’s best. You should ensure that you are eating a little bit of everything, just try to keep sugary and fatty foods at a minimum. We do not eat all perfectly all the time but as long as you balance the bad out with the good, you will be making progress. Have a look online for some delicious but nutritious recipes (hopefully containing some of the previously mentioned “brain” foods.) Learning to love the foods that are good for you is really important and means that you can keep your new lifestyle up forever.

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Brain health – how to improve brain functions (tips and tricks)

In addition to exercising regularly and eating the right kinds of foods, there are other things that you should ensure you are doingcrossword-puzzle in your daily life to make sure the brain is working as it should be.

– Get enough sleep, there is a reason why the recommended amount is 8 hours a night – your brain needs that time to recharge. You will not function as you should, mentally or physically if you routinely get less sleep than what you should be getting because your brain needs that downtime. Ever had a bad nights sleep and your mood has suffered the next day? Of course you have and that’s because your brain is calling out for some rest.

– Challenge your mind as much as possible, the more you use your brain – the better it becomes. The size of neurons in the brain actually change as we learn and just because you are getting older, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop learning. One of the reasons why older people can be a little slower is because they don’t use their brain as much anymore, when they still should be. You can join a night class, you can read books and do cross-words. Anything that involves using your brain is going to be beneficial for you and therefore recommended. You can even make up little games that involve using your brain, either to do by yourself or with others. This can be something as simple as writing all the animals you can think of beginning with the letter “B” in thirty seconds.

– If you prefer to spend time alone then you need to learn to become a little more social, as a healthy social life is key for a healthy and happy brain. Long lasting and fulfilling relationships whether they be with friends or family, is an important ingredient to cognitive sharpness. It is shown that a happy social life reducing peoples chances of suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. Being around other people can also help you remember more. We learn from each other and conversation results in a lot of useful thoughts and facts being stored in your brain, which keeps it working and in a healthy condition.

– Try and cut down on your alcohol consumption if you drink a lot. Everybody deserves the odd treat now and again but too much alcohol kills braincells and can seriously alter the way in which your brain works. If you do like to have a drink, stick to red wine as this is in fact really good for you (in small amounts.) It goes without saying that taking illegal drugs also damages your brain but on a much bigger degree. Drugs should be avoided completely and if you do have an addiction to legal substances, you should seek help for this for the sake of your health. Tobacco also effects your brain so if you are a smoker you should quit, or cut down at the very least. In favor for these bad things, find things that you enjoy doing that are GOOD for you rather than bad like exercise or some type of hobby.

The scientific evidence

Despite the many facts that have been shown, it can sometimes be difficult to believe things that have not been “proved”. Well aerobicsthere are many scientific facts and studies that have taken place, that do in fact back up the claims that have been made in this article. Scientists and healthcare professionals are always having experiments, to see what helps the brain and what can be done to help it in the future.

– Numerous studies over the years have shown that those who have a healthy and balanced diet, particularly focusing on those omega 3 fatty acids, have much better brain functionality than those who eat “junk-food”.

– In one particularly interesting study done at the University of British Columbia, aerobic exercise was found to be pretty amazing when it comes to the brain. It was proven that aerobics, increases the size of the hippocampus; which is actually an area inside the brain that is involved with memory and learning. So if you are looking to improve your mental capabilities and you have a lot of information that you want to store, it’s as simple as aerobics! Aerobics basically means any cardiovascular exercise that gets your heart pumping, so as long as you are moving – this applies to you and your current exercise regime.

Supplements for the brain

Taking health supplements can sometimes help brain functions, providing that you are taking ones that contain certain ingredients. This goes back to the previous point, that we all need certain vitamins and minerals for our brain to be as healthy as possible. It is sometimes not feasible to get all these vitamins from food alone, so taking supplements offers you a mental boost. One of the best supplements on the market for the brain is Neuro3x and you can find out more information about this product below.

Neuro3x review

Neuro3X is a supplement which some pretty awesome claims that are focused around the brain. It promises to help your memorysupplements for the brain and help you focus better. This is so important especially if you have an important job that requires a lot of concentration. Becoming the best that you can be in your field of expertise is something that you should always strive for and Neuro3x helps you to do this. The one an only ingredient in the product is something that is called Phosphatidylserine Complex (otherwise known as choline.) In fact, it is chlorine that promotes the growth of brain cells and enhances the neural connections within your brain. In addition to helping focus and memory, it has also been shown that the supplement also helps to relieve strength and just generally makes the brain work to it’s full potential.

So let’s get onto the important question – does Neuro3X really work? With so many products on the market nowadays and some of what do not do what they say, it’s important that you do your research. Many products do not explain exactly how they work because they don’t, but the same cannot be said for Neuro3X. The fact that it is detailed exactly HOW the product can improve your brain, means that it’s claims are scientifically backed up. There are no reported side effects to the product, which makes it completely safe to take providing that you stick to the recommended dosage. It is FDA approved and provides something that other health supplements do not which is a boost in brain activity. If you are studying for exams or have a particularly tough job that requires a lot of thinking, then you should consider Neuro3X to help you. While coffee and similar items help you to focus momentarily, supplements like this one last all day long and are much healthier than the alternative. You can find many positive reviews from this product online from people who have tried it and loved it and you could soon be another person who makes such raving reviews!

As we age, our bodies age too but there are ways that you can keep all of you young and healthy, including your brain. Your brain controls the rest of you, so keeping it in tip top shape should be a huge priority to you. Many people don’t consider the condition of their brain but it is really important to do so and you will really notice the benefits after just a short while. Making some key changes to the way that you live including the food that you eat, how active you are and even your social life all make a difference. Taking some health supplements like Neuro3x can also make a huge difference to how your brain functions. Making your brain become the best it can be in every way, can change your life and make you feel like a brand new you.